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Welcome to my site, and congratulations on taking the first step towards improving your relationship! A difficult relationship can be traumatic, and you want to find the best help for your situation.  Relationship Help does not have to be a long grueling process to be effective. You can get your relationship back on track and make it better than ever. The positive results will last years to come. Finding the right relationship help is important, and you don't have time to waste. The longer you wait inside a destructive relationship, the worse it will get and the farther you will have to work to climb out. You want quick and effective results, and you've come to the right place for help. 


I understand the urgency to save your relationship and the need to make contact as soon as possible. Leave me a message (phone or email), and I will contact you back within the day. 


A little bit about me:


I am relationship life coach and a licensed professional counselor and licensed mental health counselor (#8961) and have been working with couples and people working on relationship issues for 18 years. I have helped numerous couples save their relationships when they thought they were beyond help. There is a formula, and communication is just part of the equation.


Even if you think your relationship is beyond saving or if you are the only one who wants to save it, your relationship CAN be turned around.


I use a Socratic approach along with a Solution-Focused approach to help you make meaning of your situation WITHOUT focusing on problems. I focus on SOLUTIONS. Because relationship work is such an individual and personal process, we will focus on what you want to accomplish in your relationship.


With a mix of logical strategies and behavioral modifications, you will be armed with solutions that work. You'll never say, “We talked about feelings and our childhoods, but we have no idea what we’re supposed to do to change our marriage.” Nope, you will get the direct path to solve your problems. And guess what? You will know exactly what to do to save your relationship and assure this NEVER happens again. 


If you and your partner are at a distance, no problem! I can work with you both in different areas of the world. Contact me today.


Improve Your Relationship and Get Results Immediately


Do you fear that your relationship is beyond help? Has your partner cheated? Have you? Have you stopped communicating? Do you feel a great divide between you and your partner? Has the trust broken down? Is your intimate life lacking? Maybe your relationship is strong but you are facing a difficult time in your life.



If you need QUICK results, you have come to the right place. We'll focus on what WORKS rather than the problem, and we will begin to achieve positive results after just the first session! 



You will leave with a plan that works. If you are looking for someone to help you that is direct yet non-judmental, you came to the right place. I can absolutely help you to succeed because I know how relationships work. There's a formula, and you don't have to suffer for years to improve your life.

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how to forgive and LOVE again.



If you and your partner have grown apart, lost your connection, or if you are dealing with infidelity in your relationship, there is still hope. You can still get your relationship to a better place.



If you choose to move on from your relationship, learn how to avoid problematic patterns in the future. Relationship problems have a pattern and so does infidelity. Learn the formula and avoid it in your future. 





If you and your partner are working through a betrayal, you can become stronger than you ever were before! You may have fallen out of love, but you can come together again. Find out what is important in your relationship. While communication skills are essential to repairing a relationship,we'll go beyond that. You'll get solutions, not just answers. 


Kat helped us save our marriage after I found out my husband stepped out with another woman. She helped us work through the hurt and anger we had for each other. I still can't believe how much stronger we are today.




stop fighting
your partner again.


Don't wait another moment. If you want to repair your current relationship or address problematic patterns so you can avoid hazards in your next relationship, let's get started now.



  • Learn how to make a relationship that works and fall in love again.


  • Avoid introducing the same problems in a new relationship.


  • Never be cheated on again - it is possible! Infidelity has a predictable pattern, and I can help you avoid it in the future.



I'm so glad I worked with Kat. She is such an understanding relationship coach, and I never felt judged when we talked. She's so open and responsive. I felt like I could make all the decisions yet she was there with directives too. It was cool to work with someone who let me make my own choices and helped me with find a direction in my life. It was a great balance.



I can't thank Kat enough for helping me work through my stuff! I kept repeating the same patterns over and over again from one relationship to the next. I thought, why do I keep meeting the same guy over and over again? She helped me look at the destructive patterns I kept repeating. Now I'm getting married to a wonderful man!




Kat Peoples, Ph.D., LMHC, LPC

Relationship Expert

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