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Work with Me

Click on the button if you are interested in working with me in my group program, and receive a complimentary Guidance Call with me to map out a plan for putting and end to your destructive relationship patterns so that you can create and maintain fulfilling relationships and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.


Online group programs with me are intimate and intensive with no more than 15 group members and include individual sessions. This allows you to do the deep work necessary and heal destructive patterns effectively as you align with a new you and manifest your BEST LIFE.


As a group member, you always receive unlimited email contact with me throughout our time working together.


I never charge for emails or phone calls in between sessions or any potential time spent addressing technical difficulties. You are free to call me anytime if you have questions or need extra support in between sessions with no extra cost to you.





As a licensed counselor, I do not bill insurance companies for the good of my clients. Here is why…


Insurance companies require a diagnosis before they will pay for your session.

All insurance companies require a diagnosis before they will pay for any treatment. Some even refuse to reimburse for laxer diagnoses like Adjustment Disorder, for instance and require more severe diagnoses before they will pay for your session. All these diagnoses go into your permanent record. While this might not matter for you at this time, it may be an issue later. For instance, if you ever have to purchase private insurance like life insurance, for instance, your permanent record could become a hurdle. It can be the difference between you being able to purchase a preferred coverage or nothing at all.

The reality is that couples and relationship issues (including parenting struggles) are not typically covered through insurance companies. This would mean that I would have to create a diagnosis for you (like depression or anxiety) in order to get your sessions covered. 

The notes I take about sessions covered by insurance companies can be viewed by that insurance company at any time for auditing purposes.

All insurance companies audit providers as standard practice. This means that the notes I take on insurance covered clients are available to insurance companies as they need. All the information that did not make it on the insurance bill but are required to be in the notes are now available for viewing by insurance auditors. In some instances, insurance companies will demand they review notes in order to pay for future sessions. 


Benefits of Paying for your sessions Out of Pocket

No one knows you are working on issues except you and your specialist. Any notes taken are not public record. No audits, no legal prodding, no behind the scenes insurance conversations about your personal struggles.


Since 2014, insurance companies have gotten even more limited. Many have dropped many insured payees and have decreased coverage. For many, mental health coverage is non-existent. As I continue to work with private clients and see how the requirements are even stricter for people to get their sessions paid  (like having to report to large bureaucracies, for example), I am even more certain that my decision to not accept insurance is best for the people that work with me. The things we talk about are truly PRIVATE, COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL, and we can work on the issues that YOU IDENTIFY AS BEING IMPORTANT (instead of insurance companies dictating that).  



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