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Traditionally, psychotherapists understand that unresolved struggles can destroy relationships, which is why they focus on finding out what the problems are in a relationship in an effort to repair the damage. We will take a different approach and focus on solutions.



Instead of focusing on past hurts and painful childhood histories, we focus work in your present and the future to help you get QUICK and EFFECTIVE solutions to your current relationship problems. In this way, the help you get is less painful, more productive, and a whole lot shorter. And guess what? The results are long-term. What you apply will serve you in your relationship for a lifetime.



Whether you and your significant other are in the same room or across the country from one another, I bring you together online and help you resolve conflicts to help you build a stronger relationship than you ever had before. It can get better!


Whether it's the two of you or one of you, start the process.


You can start the process of change ALONE, and it WILL BE EFFECTIVE

in creating a more positive relationship. 


Learn how to build a lasting partnership and stop repeating destructive pattterns. 


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